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Dupatta net gotta with mirror work – Pakistani suits.

Online Shopping Pakistani dresses is a trend now. Dupatta is an essential and significant element of Pakistani Dresses. There are different types of scarfs used in the past, but they are best with rational touch. Scarf means “dupatta” in Pakistan having net gotta with mirror work is in trend list.

We have all the best and latest colours and designs having net gotta with mirror work on it. There are many places from which the stuff used in designing these clothes is used. This Dupatta is wearable with any dress.

But for your comfort, we have paired it with an organza shirt with panni work on it and masouri plain trousers. This dress is easy to wear on different occasions like Eid, Weddings, traditional festivals, etc. People from other countries demand these dresses every year on a large scale.


Organza Panni Work is Perfect Combination

You have worn many dresses of different stuff, but the shirts made up of organza have a different effect on its wearers.

The Organza cloth is the proper mix of enriched colors and delight spread all around. The organza ensembles match any bride who needs to make an announcement. The combination of black, gold and silver is a genuine instance of how monotones must be blended.

The outfits also play on textures and materials, and the scalloped net Dupatta is the right finish to go away heads turning. Juglans.pk has introduced many varieties in ‘Organza with panini work” that features sartorial class, unique gildings and signature look of Pakistani wear.

Trouser Masouri Plain is all that you need.

While wearing a dress with some finishing scarf and shirt demands a lightweight and simple trouser. To enhance the beauty of your shirt and scarf embroidered, use plain trousers always.

We make a quick decent combination of Plain masouri trousers that is very comfortable and wearable in all seasons. Whether you are young or old, this will suit you perfectly.

Must select the following features:

Before choosing a dress for you, you must choose the following features which will make your dress adorable and stunning. Add to cart This beautiful dress and take the measure of the following things:

  • Colour
  • Size
  • Combination


Color of suit

There are many colors available in the dresses we are offering to you. This set of three pieces is available in red, green, black, blue, and many more colors. Choose the colors according to the occasion demand.

If you plan to wear it at someone’s wedding, and then chooses between gold or green color. If you choose for your wedding, select the red color that is a perfect combination. And many other colors are available, so choose one for your wear.


Usually, these dresses come in default sizes. But, still, if there is any further demand of different sizes, then contact our support services. They will guide you the best in this scenario.


Sometimes, you want to change some stuff, colors, design, etc. Then contact our support service to place your particular order for further assistance.

How to dress stylish but straightforward? – Online shopping Pakistan

There is no need to choose heavy suits, heavy dresses to wear at the festivals. It would be best if you chose dresses that looked elegant on you.

The embroidery includes mirror work and gotta work trellis in vibrant contrasting hues—the net stuff and panini work organza shirt, adding an extra oomph to the whole look. Juglans.pk offers an extensive and colorful assortment of exquisite Dupatta.

The excessive shine masouri material is made up of premium high-quality yarns and woven on fashionable machines for a perfect finish. The beauties of this gown are enhanced with zari and Resham thread embroidered work along with intricate mirror work.





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